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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sparky says "I'm exhausted...time for a nap!"

P.S. Special thanks to BAR!

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed it! And I really, really mean that. I learned a lot and feel much more "up" on the technology available on the internet. I am addicted to YouTube and love RSS feeds. While most things I will not use, it was still interesting to learn about all the crazy, inventive things that are going on.

I would definitely sign up for another discovery program!

ME and Sparky

Sparky says "And now to summarize..."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Week 9 Thing 22
I have listed to audio books on a cd player...never downloaded. I don't own an mp3 or an ipod or whatever. Here's my problem with audio books: I can't get past a man trying to speak like a woman. It just does not work for me. However, I looked at Maryland's e-libray and what I really found that I would like to download are videos. There are some great foreign films listed. I had no idea!

This was a good exercise for me, because I have a much better understanding of downloading books and will be more comfortable in the future discussing it with patrons. Some day I may even venture to download one on my home computer.



Week 9 Thing 21

I liked what some of the libraries were doing....podcasting book talks and library news. It would be a great way to reach more people with our programs. The storytelling did not work for me at all when it was just the audio, but Westerville Public Library was more appealing with the interactive book. The thing I still find amazing and wonderful is the access to so many interesting things thru the internet and in this case, podcasts, that we never had access to before.

Little trouble adding a podcast RSS feed to my Bloglines but I eventually got it.


Friday, August 10, 2007


Week 9 Thing 20

Ok...this is just plain scary...I could become addicted to YouTube. I have found all kinds of great Minnesota Gopher Hockey team, yorkie and Bruce Springsteen videos. I won't inflict the Gophers on you, so here is a cute panda bear video.

Sparky says "Are we done yet?